Have you ever wondered if more could be done if there was less overhead? Have you ever thought that industry is adding technology for it’s own sake, and that a simple task always gets a Rube Goldberg answer? Do you feel it’s getting worse?

We have too. A “less is more” philosophy goes into all we do. We look at what we need to accomplish and spend no more time or money on it than we must.

That is not to say that the solution is to be cheap. If we only make or do things with a lack of quality, it takes more time and money to replace it or do it over. Best to buy a simple item of quality than complex junk with pretty lights; best to do a task right the first time.

Our philosophy is to make civilian spaceflight possible through simple reliable component design. Make it durable. Make it simple. Make it failsafe.

We have many studies and white papers pertaining directly to the aerospace community illustrating these facts and addressing specific areas from design through deployment and testing. These will soon be available for download without cost. While they are copyrighted material, we only require a proper citation should our work be quoted or used in yours.