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Link Budget Noise and Antenna Selection

Link Budget Noise and Antenna Selection

The Link Budget Noise and Antenna Selection video is up!

While this was supposed to be the video on the receive segment, but it became clear that we needed to cover the concepts of noise, sources, and the selection of the antenna type.  The receive segment video will happen next week.

This week’s transcript: AerospaceMakerNoiseandAntennas


NooElec SDR, plain:

NooElec SDR, improved:


Excellent Link Budget Reference:

Antenna field analysis using MATLAB:

Antenna type database (incomplete):

Information on eggbeater antennas:




October is Open Source Hardware Month!

October is Open Source Hardware Month!

The Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) has just announced that October 2016 is Open Source Hardware Month.  “OSHWA is inviting you to participate in events that will add clarity to the open source hardware definition, invite more people to contribute to the movement, and provide education around how to publish a project or product as open source hardware”.  More details are available here.

Of particular interest are the following events:

  • Documentation Days.  These are free, community organized events to document your most recent open source hardware project following the OSHW definition and guidelines.
  • OSHW Certification.  OSHWA will launch the first version of the open source hardware certification. This self certified open source hardware certification  will be administered by OSHWA.
  • Open Hardware Summit.  Scheduled for October 7th in Portland, OR, the annual Open Hardware Summit brings together professionals, artists and enthusiasts from across our community. Tickets are available now!

In the interests of full disclosure, the people behind Aerospace Maker, the site, YouTube channel, and social media presence are founding members of OSHWA.

Maker Spaces

Maker Spaces

Do you like to make things?

Do you love Rube Goldberg inventions?

Did you want to be ‘Q’ from the Bond movies?

Or Caractacus Potts from Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang?

Then check out Maker Spaces. Better yet, check out your local library which may have a space of their own set aside for people who just want to make things.

A New Adventure

A New Adventure

After several requests, I have decided to get a lot more involved supporting and encouraging maker, educational, and open hardware aerospace projects.

This blog and other points of social media are the places to check out what’s going on in Southern Colorado.